What is it?

Disruptive solution that combines the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) with multidisciplinary scientific knowledge with the mission of promoting the sustainability of aquaculture management and production processes.

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Intelligent Management System for Sustainable Aquaculture

Aquatropolis is aligned with the principles advocated by the European Blue Growth strategy, with the Action Plan for its implementation in the Atlantic Basin, with the vision advocated in the National Strategy for the Sea and with the objectives of the Agenda Digital, embodying the principles of the “Smart Cities” in a futuristic vision of humanity to colonize the 71% of the planet covered by sea.


Aquatropolis – Compta Emerging Business

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Aquatropolis contacts

Herdade da Barba Rala, Rua Luís Adelino Fonseca, Lote 1A, 7005 – 345 Évora, Portugal

Email: info@ceb-solutions.com

Intelligent Management System for Sustainable Aquaculture